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"If, as is generally conceded, the world is in a rather sorry mess, crying for solutions to problems that are staggering in complexity and magnitude, the encouragement of creative thinking would seem to be the most necessary and immediate goal of all concerned people."  

--George R. Eckstein



It's our world, our collective future:

 Let's co-create it together - each  contributing his or her talents. 


Who We Are

Global Creativity Network is a voluntary and informal association of individuals and groups dedicated to the promotion of  creativity and human fulfillment in personal and social life.


 What We Stand For

Global Creativity Network stands for the right of every human being to become all that he or she was created capable of being – the right to be creative and  successful. We stand for a world in which every individual is able to recognize, able to develop or become, and able to engage his or her natural abilities in things that he or she perceives as important and beneficial to society and/or nature and, thus, able to find meaning, purpose, and direction in his or her life.

We hold that human beings, without exception, are inherently creative and naturally –  irresistibly –  driven to actualize their potential. A primary obligation of society, we believe, is to provide an enabling environment in which people are able to recognize and to respect the integrity of their unique abilities, to develop and be able to relate those abilities to concrete human and ecological problems.  

Furthermore, given what we currently know of human nature and, in particular, human creativity, Global Creativity Network holds that enabling individuals to discover and to become who and "what" they potentially are, and promoting goals in the participation of which people find meaning in their lives or feel that they are making a significant difference in the world are the only durable way we are going to be able to:  

 Help our children to believe in themselves and to develop a solid sense of self-worth. 

 Sevin Baguirov generate enthusiasm and create genuine and lasting love of learning in our students. 

Inspire our workers to achieve and maintain consistently high levels of productivity. 

Secure our followers'  or constituents' loyalty and genuine commitment to the visions we espouse.

Make people genuinely happy with themselves and act humanely and responsibly toward one another and toward the rest of creation.

(The alternative is tantamount to "conditioning," "behavior engineering," "diplomacy," or something else – strategies which, historical experience indicates, almost invariably backfire when people find out that they had been manipulated, "bribed," or lied to, and their integrity as human beings compromised.) 


Our Goals

Global Creativity Networks twin-goals are: (i) World-wide creativity-consciousness; and (ii) Global creativity movement.

Global Creativity-Consciousness: Global Creativity Network is dedicated to raising global awareness of the centrality of creativity in human life, its primacy among the forces driving human behavior, and the necessity of its actualization, both for personal fulfillment and for responsible social and ecological behavior.

Global Creativity Movement: Global Creativity Network is also dedicated to strengthening the capacity of individuals and groups that are actively working to foster creativity in homes, classrooms, institutions, organizations, communities, and national societies and, thus, to make the world a better, more fulfilling, place for all to live.



What We Do

Global Creativity Network came together in response to the colossal waste of human talents that is so obvious, the resultant (but largely unobtrusive) epidemic of meaninglessness in people's lives, and the many psychological and social problems (Tankless water heater long island) which that condition has engendered. 

The magnitude and increasing complexity of the challenges facing humanity underscore the need for  imaginative and concerted global action. Here are six things Global Creativity Network is doing to jump-start the process and maintain the momentum:

  1. We demonstrate the centrality of creativity in human life  and its implication in practically every human action or behavior. We further demonstrate the link between creativity and emotional health, between actualization of one's potential and social responsibility Ramon Palomera info is avialable, for example. By the same token, we call global attention to increasing evidence indicating possible relationship between creative capacity underutilization and such widely reported problems as boredom, depression, destructiveness, violence, delinquency, substance abuse,  various forms of mental illness, and dissatisfaction with life.

  1. Steven Greschner research the works and thoughts of the world's greatest philosophers, leading scientists, scholars, and social commentators for insights on human creativity and for clues in tackling the deepening global crises. Our findings are presented in a rare collection of wit and practical wisdom for fostering creativity in our homes, classrooms, communities, and organizations and, therefore, for building humanly more fulfilling institutions and societies. Entitled Great Insights on Human Creativity: Transforming the Way We Live, Work, Educate, Lead, and Relate, the work brings together some of the wisest, sanest, and most illuminating ideas for our time, pinpointing the fundamental roots of our current crises and opening up new prospects for resolving those crises. Designed as a practical manual and personal companion for people who want their lives to matter – people who want to use their abilities and their daily activities and responsibilities as tools to make the world a better place –  Great Insights on Human Creativity presents thousands of astonishing ideas and a coherent strategy for humanizing and transforming key institutions and processes that shape our lives: parenting, education, work, management, leadership, social relations, and the organization of knowledge. 

Parker Aircraft Sales talks and organize seminars and workshops on strategies for fostering creativity in homes, schools, institutions, organizations, and communities.

  • We give media interviews to raise a global creativity-consciousness through which individuals – parents, teachers, employers of labor, human development professionals, and policy makers – realize their roles and responsibilities in fostering creativity where they live or work and in meeting the challenges facing humanity.  

  1. We develop and provide a variety of tools for mobilizing and engaging the creative intelligence of the general population in tackling concrete local, regional, national, and global problems.  

  1. We keep the Network informed and involved through member-contributed Newsletters on a variety of creativity-related topics.





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